fertility after breast cancer

This raises important and often emotional questions regarding the . Fertility After Cancer ... That's how it went for Rachell Moodie, 34, of Wesley Chapel, Florida, after a 2009 breast cancer diagnosis. Chemotherapy, for example, stops the ovaries from releasing eggs and estrogen, leading to early menopause. Adjusting to life after breast cancer treatment can be hard. Certain chemotherapy drugs, especially the drug cyclophosphamide, which is part of almost all chemotherapy regimens used after surgery to prevent recurrence, damage the immature eggs in the ovary. "If a patient needs only surgery and radiation and no chemotherapy, the treatment will have no impact on future fertility… Fertility and Breast Cancer: What You Need to Know. Often this may involve surgery first, followed by chemotherapy and radiation. Breast cancer (BC) is the most common malignant neoplasm diagnosed in women. Fertility after breast cancer treatment. If you are a younger woman, they may start again after it has finished. Certain types of breast cancer treatment can cause infertility. Fertility can be impaired in breast cancer patients for various reasons, mainly age at diagnosis, use of gonadotoxic chemotherapy, and duration of endocrine treatment, with the subsequent need to delay pregnancy. Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women worldwide. Preservation of fertility in breast cancer survivors of reproductive age has become an important issue regarding the quality of life. Introduction. 5. However, it might not happen the way you planned before you were diagnosed. While many oncologists will advise waiting two years after breast cancer treatment has ended before trying to get pregnant, there is no way to test this, because it would be unethical to ask some women to get pregnant and some to not. Fertility preservation (FP) appeared successful for women undergoing breast cancer treatment, data from a Swedish cohort showed. Not all breast cancer treatments affect fertility. How Cancer Treatment Affects Fertility Some treatments for breast cancer can cause temporary infertility or hinder your ability to get pregnant after treatment ends, according to Breastcancer.org . Fertility tests can help measure your ovarian reserve or how close you are to the menopause. There are several considerations for women who are interested in having a biologic child after a diagnosis of breast cancer. If you are close to your natural menopause, chemotherapy can bring on an early menopause. This may be permanent or temporary, depending on the amount and type of treatment you have. 3:31. doi: 10.1016/S0960-9776(07)70017-6. However, you may also have concerns for your future. Talk to your doctor or nurse before treatment starts if you would like to have a child or more children. Facebook Twitter Email Instagram Phone. Getting pregnant after breast cancer is safe but there’s no ‘best time’ to do it. More and more South African women are being diagnosed with breast cancer in their childbearing years. Women younger than age 45 years can face several health challenges after treatment for breast cancer, including the possibility of early menopause, sexual problems, and fertility problems. Preserving fertility and breast cancer. Usually you are referred to a fertility clinic after 1 to 2 years of trying to get pregnant. Author information: (1)University of Zagreb School of Medicine, University Hospital Center Zagreb, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Petrova 13, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia. You can still become a mom after surviving breast cancer. Breast cancer treatments and fertility. Pregnancy after breast cancer: Results from a prospective cohort of young women with breast cancer. 3:31. Many people find that navigating through the end of treatment is the most difficult stage of their cancer journey. Fertility after breast cancer. The many decisions you have to make following your breast cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming. Malignancy may unfortunately present quite early in a woman's life. According to Dr Benn, all the main breast cancer therapies, especially chemotherapy, do affect fertility. Thus, strategies to preserve fertility are of great interest to many young women when facing a breast cancer diagnosis and making treatment decisions. In some cases, the fertility challenges may be temporary, but in other cases, it may continue to make it difficult to become pregnant long after breast cancer treatment has ended. There are fertility options for women after breast cancer. Rethink Breast Cancer 3,832 views. The treatment strategie … There is a need to communicate with and educate young patients regarding fertility issues at diagnosis and a need for future research directed at preserving fertility for young breast cancer survivors. Determining your treatment plan and next steps for cancer treatment can take up most of your mind. Cancer. Your periods may stop during treatment. This is because of the increased risk of early menopause after cancer treatment. Cancer and its treatment can sometimes affect a woman's ability to have children. 3 About half of young women with BC wish to become pregnant after completing therapy. Approximately 30% of women diagnosed in South Africa are younger than 35 years old. About half of reproductive-age women want to become pregnant after completing treatment for breast cancer, but they have a 40%-60% reduced likelihood of becoming pregnant as compared with women in the general population. Some women can get pregnant naturally after their cancer treatment. The American Cancer Society estimates that the lifetime risk for developing breast cancer today in an American woman is about 12.3% (1 out of 8 women) with a median age of diagnosis of 61 years [1,2].In the Arab region, epidemiological studies show a median age of only 50 years at presentation []. Fertility after breast cancer Although most women are diagnosed with breast cancer after menopause, between 6% and 10% of women are diagnosed at age 44 or younger, and many of them still want children.Yet cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation can affect fertility, even sending women into early menopause. Rethink Breast Cancer 3,939 views. Fertility after Breast Cancer: Joanna's Story - Duration: 3:31. 6. You may feel pressure to go back to work or bounce back to your life before your breast cancer diagnosis. However, in some cases, chemotherapy is the first step. Learn how cancer surgery and treatment can affect fertility, ways to help preserve fertility, and possible fertility options available after treatment.

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