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Download books for free. VERY simply put, he traces the origins of consciousness back to the will to live and to homeostasis, the balance of physical factors that enables an organism to live and reproduce. A non conscious state, this level of self is shared by many species. I'm sorry I could not finish this book, and it disappoints me due to wanting to give a thorough review. But what Damasio is talking about is finding a telescope that can view the living brain at work akin to Hubble peering at the distant universe. In “Self Comes to Mind,” the eminent neurologist and neuroscientist Antonio Damasio gives an account of consciousness that might come naturally to a highly caffeinated professor in his study. Antonio Damasio has spent the past thirty years researching and and revealing how the brain works. Some nice ideas and explanations of certain concepts, but no big, unifying theory (IMHO). add in the concepts of self and of consciousness and i'm really a babe in the woods. Downloading these free Self Comes to Mind ebooks might make book publishers sad over their lost income but they won't send an armada of lawyers soon after you. In Self Comes to Mind, world-renowned neuroscientist Antonio Damasio goes against the long-standing idea that consciousness is separate from the body, presenting compelling new scientific evidence that consciousness - what we think of as a mind with a self - is in fact a biological process created by a living organism. Three stars only, not for the lack of ideas or content. The awake mind gradually develops a sense of self, and it is then that consciousness emerges. Let us know what’s wrong with this preview of, Published i especially appreciated damasio's perspective that consciousness and self begin in the body and not in the mind. The importance of this for Damasio is that consciousness requires asense of self, whose source is the continual internal monitoring of somaticresponses to the external world—the adjustment of the lens of the eye, the neckmuscles turning the head to look, and much more, all integrating into what hecalls the “proto-self,” the non-conscious mapping that enableshomeostasis. Please, an emotional caress. After reading this book for the second time, I am more impressed than ever that the author has described the working of the human brain better than anything I have ever read. While I am sure that further refinement is to be made, this book and its theory of brain, mind and self is destined to. He has feelings as a perception of neuronal monitoring of body states and developed its vital role as an evolutionary advance. Damasio makes his case with phrases that wink at the reader, as if shamefully, with assertions of how the brain works that are unfounded. SELF COMES TO MIND ~ CONSTRUCTING THE CONSCIOUS BRAIN ~ANTONIO DAMASIO ~ HARDCOVER WITH DUST JACKET ~ BRAND NEW CONDITION: NEW . In Damasio's terminology, even single-celled organisms such as bacteria or amoebae have a minimal sense of self, working to preserve their internal integrity against foreign incursion. Self Comes To Mind is a collaboration between composer Bruce Adolphe and neuroscientist Antonio Damasio, known for his research and writing on the evolution of human consciousness. Self Comes to Mind is often an exhilarating read. That self, however, long-precedes consciousness and rests, ultimately, on the primordial feelings of the "protoself" ("a valence, somewhere along the pleasure-to-pain range"), and predisposes our conscious decision-making in fundamental ways. But he says that the mind is unconscious until it has a sense of self. Quite an exciting book for me. Damasio, Antonio (2010) Self Comes to Mind: Constructing the Conscious Brain. The epicenter of Self Comes to Mind concerns the neurological basis for cognition and the issue of the superposition of a "self' onto the construct which we address as reality. November 9th 2010 And basically it's all about patterns! His work there on behavioral neurology was done under the supervision of Norman Geschwind. With vigor, Damasio attacks the mind-body problem (or more specifically the mind-brain problem) of consciousness. a keenly interested babe but still far from knowing what i'm reading. Nada. Damasio spends a good deal of time very carefully building his "brief," like a lawyer, that if you put enough mental functions together, the vast majority of which we share with the rest. Those tools do not exist. I think he's correct, neurologically speaking (i.e. I have been thinking about how complex systems work, and anything which helps me to think in that direction is great fun. Not unlike Carl Sagan, Damasio is clearly excited by the findings he describes, and the thrill of discovery shines through his fine, clear prose, I was totally captivated by Self Comes to Mind.In this work Antonio Damasio presents his seminal discoveries in the field of neuroscience in the broader contexts of evolutionary biology and cultural development.This trailblazing book gives us a new way of thinking about ourselves, our history, and the importance of culture in shaping our common future, Damasio makes a grand transition from higher-brain views of emotions to deeply evolutionary, lower-brain contributions to emotional, sensory and homeostatic experiences. Self Comes To Mind: Constructing The Conscious Brain by Antonio Damasio (Pantheon) The perennially fascinating question of who and what we human creatures are is the subject of these two books by eminent neuroscientists in their search for the self. add in the concepts of self and of consciousness and i'm really a babe in the woods. Do we have something called a "soul" that is immaterial, and different from our physical beings? New year! Damasio's basic claims from his first two books as I understood them (there is no rationality without emotions and there is no consciousness without a body to be conscious of) are repeated without any real additions. I appreciated how he worked from the ground up, beginning with the development of a single cell organism and relating its basic properties to its more complex manifestations in the modern human. I was also fascinated by the concept of single cells exhibiting a “will to live”—a need for survival and adaptation that possibly became the foundation for consciousness. by Pantheon, Self Comes to Mind: Constructing the Conscious Brain. He also has a delightful writing style and a way with words, especially considering his discipline being neurology. I expected to see a clear picture of brain development across species and how this correlated with the behavior of mind and consciousness. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. But I found some of the other elements fascinating and I'm interested in reading more. This is a mind, and it awakens. There were quite a few. Gradually the brains develop the capacity for mapped images and patterns that permit more complex interactions with the environment and a memory bank. It is a very convincing scenario. And color is always nice. Damasio is a brilliant cognitive scientist, and I think his other books have been wonderful. In making this argument, Damasio is clear that this tie of consciousness to our deepest body core is continually operative in our daily life (i.e., we moderns have not left our body behind in our evolutionary past). (1) It's unclear who the target audience is supposed to be. In its current form, it's a mash up of a whole bunch of ideas/findings/reports that Damasio has accumulated in a lifetime, and it's just being dumped on you. moments. A dark secret spans several... From one of the most significant neuroscientists at work today, a pathbreaking investigation of a question that has confounded philosophers, psychologists, and neuroscientists for centuries: how is consciousness created? In Self Comes to Mind, USC neuroscientist Antonio Damasio creates a model of consciousness and a hypothesis about how consciousness came to evolve. Damasio is both eloquent and scholarly. It's way too detailed for a non-cog-neuroscientist, and in parts, way too obvious for a professional in the field. This adds greatly to my perspective of complex systems, self, and mainly how to think about aspects of life in a much different way. The previous two books that I have read focused on feelings and the body. Even the simplest organisms, those without consciousness, minds, or even brains, have responses to outside stimuli that maintain their homeostasis to permit their continued existence. Later, he moved to the United States as a research fellow at the Aphasia Research Center in Boston. Moreover, given that I had taken an introductory class in Neuroscience, it was not that hard to follow up with the brain regions, otherwise, I would have been lost. The critique of oneself by oneself is quite the irony and example of splendid recursive thinking that our brains think all the time. We’d love your help. I think it encounters the usual limitations as a total philosophical or ontological theory, but it provides good explanations for some of the neuroscience, and certainly richer than behavioural accounts that would reduce to stimulus-response models and more subtle than functionalist accounts that would reduce conscious. I was also fascinated by the concept of single cells exhibiting a “will to live”—a need for survival and adaptation that possibly became the foundation f. Antonio Damasio does an admirable job in hypothesizing neural/biological connections to the seemingly immeasurable existence of self and consciousness. Though I wanted, oh how I so dearly wanted, to give it 5 when I began. Or think about what you'd do in the future, or what you did in the past that had serious consequences for the state one is in now (or any, from any past). A profound and groundbreaking new book telling the story of consciousness and the human mind, from one of the world's leading neuroscientists. i hardly know all the terms that can be applied to the different sections of the brain and the way the brain operates. Awesome book. To see what your friends thought of this book. He defines 'mind' as the process by which the brain creates images based on its maps, both of the body and of the world.

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