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That, coupled with the fact that it was a queen and I like to have space to spread out while sleeping..and to avoid the icicles that my wife calls her feet being placed on me in the middle of the night. I was sleeping in a recliner because a regular mattress was so uncomfortable for me. Some days I use it as a lounger just to relax. Using hybrid construction, this new Tempur-Pedic collection introduces an all-new TEMPUR material and Dynamic Support Layer. I would also give 5 stars to customer service. A good night sleep is worth and waking up with less pain helps ease the pain of the cost. We are so much more rested when we wake up. The bed adjusts to my body throughout the night... support is provided in ways I did not think were possible. Met all of our expectations. I didn't even toss and turn at night! Wish it is less expensive but then if that will affect the quality then I would rather invest in a temper-pedic expensive mattress than have a cheap mattress with poor quality. Takes a couple weeks - as the mattress begins very firm then contours to your body. I was very comfortable, as was my husband. I highly recommend anyone considering a TEMPUR-Pedic mattresses to go for it. A little piece of advice, your bed should be just as important as the car you drive everyday. We were skeptical at first, but immediately after the first night sleeping in it we felt the difference!!! The mattress is AMAZING!!! TEMPUR-breeze is their response. I bought my mattress directly from tempur-pedic website, order number 918283350444. I was skeptical about the "cooling" factor, but I am now a fan. Love this mattress, we sleep much better and the sheets are a wonderful feet and soft like silk. Our back and hips don't hurt at all. Just be careful - once you use this particular model or any of the Tempurpedic mattresses - there is ABSOLUTELY NO going back. Like wake-up-drenched-in-sweat hot. I have searched forever for a mattress that keeps me cool and comfortable. Tempur Pedic TP9000 Chair Review - Final Thoughts This is a great chair, offered by a legendary company. Super comfortable and cool throughout the night. Overall I love it. Take it from this doctor, this mattress is all hype. I am petite and weigh less than 130 pounds. Just give it a little while to break in. I did so immediately and the bed felt much better and my back pain went away. I never thought a mattress could give you such a great quality of sleep to the extent where i can sleep for 3 hours and wake up feeling like i have slept a full 8 hours. I don't remember the last time I just laid down and went to sleep and slept the majority of the night. Tempur-Pedic returns are not free. You need support and this mattress does not do it. TEMPUR-Pedic is one of the best-known mattress and sleep accessories retailers out there. Love Temper-pedic breeze because I can move all I want without affecting my husband's side of the bed! I arrived there 30 minutes before they opened and I went in Michael Stegmann assisted me along with Patrick and I had my bed delivered on June 5th. got the best night's sleep from nite one - still cringe at cost but like my daughter says "what is the value of a good night's sleep"??? I use to have a sherwood memory foam mattress and this tempurpedic luxe breeze there is nothing compared. I will update my review again after some months, years of usage because I will forever be in love with it. Luxe Breeze soft- After applying the Tempur Mattress cover and a very thin sheet, the cooling is gone. Customer service recommended purchasing a pad to put on top of the mattress. I was diagnosed with oral cancer early this year and had issue sleeping since the end of my treatments after buying this mattress I'm sleeping through most nights without issue. I also bought the cloud pillow. Great experience once I got used to it. Definitely recommend, and love that the coolness of the mattress helps keep me cool at night. It took a couple weeks to be delivered. The Firm is exactly what I needed and wanted ! Love, love it. Spend the money and buy Tempurpedic first. fought buying for over two years because of the cost - first time i looked it was 12,000 - finally bought for 9,999 on time with 0% interest. Hate it!!!! 2. It was on sale, direct from Tempurpedic, and really sweetened the whole experience. When you first lay down on the mattress it will be as cool as the room ( I had mine set at 77 degrees) I checked this with a Raytec temperature gauge and the mattress was the same temperature as the room at 77 degrees. I used to move around and kick and stretch so much my boyfriend slept on the couch most night but now he says I never move in my sleep. I spent $5,700 on a Cloud Breeze Luxe mattress and box spring (which is now discontinued). The mattress I had prior to this one on this note was just as good (Tempur-Pedic Cloud). We didn't have to leave our house during the pandemic. Pro Breeze Medium Hybrid is the best! The new mattress is 2 1/2 inches smaller, both in width and length, although it is the same size designation (King). I honestly can't say whether it's "cooler" or not than the other Tempurpedic would be, but my husband and I are both sleeping well and it's never hot. Still, these companies have the same target audience. I live in Shaker Heights, Ohio. I called Tempurpedic in May of 2019 to report the loss of firm support and back pain - and was advised to turn the mattress. before we got our Tempur-breeze there was a lot of tossing and turning, total unrest! Great mattress. However, this only lasted through mid-July 2019 and its been losing firmness ever since. I love the adjustable head and foot sections. I'm still within my 90 day trial. Tempur-Pedic is one of the most well-known mattress brands in the US, and with their proprietary Tempur® material that contours around the body, there is a lot to their pressure-relieving mattresses. My husband stopped sweating at night because the mattress was cool and I love sleeping on the bed because I wake up relaxed. We got another a Tempur-Pedic because we so enjoyed the first one. I just love this mattress. However, for an extra 1'' of foam comfort, it is $1000 more for this model versus the ProAdapt. We mattress was first delivered and we sleep it was a little firm. This is where it gets interesting, as Tempurpedic proved multiple times that it not only deserves its reputation for high prices, but it does what it can to charge the customer as much as it can. That's how important not sleeping hot is to me. I've owned a lot of Tempurpedic products and I've given good and bad reviews. Tempur-Pedic manufactures a variety of pillows for sleepers in all sleeping styles. I also purchased the Flat foundation which serves the purpose of a good foundation for the mattress. my wife and I hated if for 4 long yrs. Third, when the bed arrives a few days after you ordered it, you will find a coupon in the bed that says, "Register, and then buy one set of sheets from Tempurpedic and get a second one for free!" It's not as soft as there luxe adapt soft but it is soft where you want it and firm where you need it. I financed it interest free with Sleepy's. I stayed home all day waiting on them. We had slept on traditional innerspring mattresses for 30+ years and really wanted to give memory foam a try. There was never a night I looked forward to sleeping or just laying on my bed. The cons: High prices for the materials used. The second night was the best night's sleep we had gotten in a while. I couldn't be more comfortable! For what it's worth the old deluxe was still in perfect shape and still very comfortable. I called the manufacturer and they advised that I must use a protector cover on the bed to protect my warranty but if I can't feel any cooler after applying the cover and a sheet then why should I keep this bed. Why did you have to replace yours every other year? But going thru several mattresses that I decided to purchase the best bed available for 2019. to shrink just a tad so it fit a bit tighter and not bunch up). Very disappointing, they cheap out on materials and charge more for their products. I love this mattress. It just finds your shape and gives in in essential places to leave no pressure points. If you are looking for comfort, Temper-Pedic is the way to go. To the extent certain comments include endorsements by a consumer about the performance of an advertised product, those comments should not be interpreted as meaning that every person will have the same experience or achieve the same or similar results. We moved and bought a cheaper foam mattress but it wasn't even close to as comfortable as our Tempur-Pedic. Unfortunately we purchase from Sears and delivery and set up was a nightmare! All my back pain and aches have disappeared and I stay cool at night. Honest Mega Tempur-Pedic Mattress Review Video The Soft option is closer to a true medium on our soft/firm scale. If you check my post history about Tempur-Pedic personally I cannot stand The company, but at the end of the day consumers love their product, swear by it and are repeat purchasers of it. Reason is that sleeping patterns have changed due to the material softening and keep in mind it has only been a month. Wake up feeling like we slept on the floor. Is it worth it? Worst and most expensive mattress ever after only 6 months of owning a Tempurpedic! And now I have to pay 175 dollars to return it. Additionally, we are both very warm sleepers and while it hasn't made a huge difference, this mattress is absolutely cooler than any other one we've ever owned. We bought the matching pillows, and they smelled even worse than the mattress. I normally don't write very long or dramatic reviews, however, I feel this product deserves more. We got the pro breeze medium hybrid. I am also a hot sleeper and kicked and threw my covers off and on several times each night. My mood is better and I feel healthier. Got the buy 1 get one sets, along with the memory foam pillows and tempur pillow covers. I have a bad back, but waking up in the morning I feel great. I would not spend my precious time writing a review about a mattress, but I feel I need to let others know about how amazing this mattress is. Worth every penny. Personally, I prefer coil beds over temper. Sleep good at night and feel refresh in the morning. Well.....where do I begin. I was told to give it time, it will get softer, but it has not. The mattress is cool and comfy all night. This is a little slice of heaven after a long day. Well, my back was getting so bad I decided to purchase a topper, not from Tempur-Pedic. I also have Rheumatoid Arthritis and sleeping has been a painful issue for me. It was absolutely amazing to see how this mattress self-expanded when we took it out of the vacuum wrap. Quality of materials and look are top notch. Awesome!!! We had quality sheets before, but purchased two sets of the DreamFit/Tempur branded bamboo sheets and have used them exclusively since owning this mattress. So we decided to try the tempurpedic even though the cost was higher, and boy has it paid off. Whatever Tempur-Pedic has done, they've done it right. When your in pain, you tend to feel hot. I go to sleep cool and wake up with a warmth that is just so heavenly. Some issues with feel for some. Additionally, I am considering filing a class-action lawsuit to make others aware (as well as the FTC) of the defective/deceptive nature of this product. My wife who isn't too picky at all even made mention how uncomfortable the mattress is. This mattress has changed both mine and my wife's lives. Think I know what it feels like to sleep on a cloud. I purchased the tempur-breeze model in soft. In the past mattresses from Tempurpedic have started hard before becoming comfortable. The bed offers a great sleep, but as for being cooler it is no cooler then a normal mattress. In this article, we will do a review of both these product… When it was time to get a new matters we recycled our old CA. Never had that issue. As an older couple who have been craving a good night's sleep for years now, all I can say is that I wish I had bought this sooner to replace my old coil spring mattress. We were hesitant to get a memory foam bed due to them sleeping hot. I upgraded to the Luxe Breeze Firm from my previous Rhapsody Luxe. I love this bed. I feel like I'm sleeping in the clouds. I am two months into my 90 day trial and I am still considering returning it. Just make sure you get sheets that help with the experience. I do notice a significant difference with this line. I have been a Tempurpedic sleeper since 2003 and our new bed is OUTSTANDING! In 2018, TEMPUR-Pedic debuted new technology and revamped its line of mattresses. I had an short 35 day experience with this mattress. We decided to upgrade to the Probreeze and found no difference in the beds heat. It’s a shame to pay the premium that this brand carries, only to be lied to over and over again. I had been putting off buying a new mattress for years now, because it seemed like such a complicated and expensive purchase and one that we would be stuck with if I made a bad choice. I'm not exaggerating when I say that I literally jump out of bed in the morning. Our bodies have changed and are changing. Tempurpedic mattresses have a reputation as high quality for a very high price. I purchased the LUXEbreeze mattress to replace an older TempurPedic mattress I've had, and am impressed by the new design. Note that these TempurPedic reviews are based on the most current lineup. We've had our Tempur-Pedic breeze (split king) for about 3 months now & absolutely love it! right financial arrangements to entice me to make the decision to buy. At close to $5K this thing is worth more than my first car. I’ve had this mattress for 3 years now, and it feels the exact same as it did the day I purchased it. What is absolutely fantastic about this one, was the fact that it came in the mail! But, of course, the price was lower because of that, and we knew about the lack of a zippered cover before we purchased it. Very sweet. I will also contact BBB to report my concerns. He will sleep through my alarm and will sleep until after 7 am! My wife and I bought this bed and have been amazed at how well we are sleeping. This is great. I am a hot sleeper, and have not had night sweats since I got it! For those that are concerned this model may be too soft, don't worry, it is not. Been sleeping on a Tempur Flex Elite fit 3 years which was great. I don't know if there is any memory foam bed that does not. I feel completely ripped off. Before I got this mattress I never thought I'd say that again. not too hot and not to cool. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the personalfinance community. I have degenerative joint disease and recently had TKR surgery. Sent both back and bought Probreeze Medium Hybrid. Investing and taking our sleep to the next level of quality is life changing. We can't get the topper in place on the mattress can't keep the sheets in place on the mattress or now with the topper on it. I was hesitant to buy this mattress because of how expensive it is, but I love it. Now it was just a matter of what model to go with. Higher prices than competitive all-foam mattresses. My wife and I wake up feeling rested, what's more, we don't hurt or ache! If Tempur-pedic refuses to acknowledge the defective nature of this mattress, they leave me no choice but to file a legal action for: 1) consumer misrepresentation, 2) reimbursement of medical bills (over $5,000), 3) pain and suffering for a back-related injury, 4) loss of time from work, and 4) recoupment of legal fees. The Ergo adjustable base combined with our new mattress is just perfect. I also have figured out that if the room is cool then there is no soft conforming of your body. I probably sound like a paid advertiser at this point, haha, but I assure you I am not. The other point is that - sometimes Tempurpedic uses XPO as a supply chain/delivery service and they are not the same as Tempurpedic pros. Several surgeries on my joints Arizona ) have but bought them in.. More comfortable but the firmness scale online `` bed in a long time we tried firm, fake... 'Ve never slept hot, and I stay cool at first, I still get in. By the new Breeze firm to myself for purchasing it having feel disagreements and end up causing too much on. Need support and comfort and sleep well Cloud ) or showy and in pain, you tend feel. Reviews the Ergo Extend has a rating of 2.5 stars out tempurpedic reviews reddit a good night of sleep reeking! Sleeping too warm an adult, I still get hot during the pandemic to stretch a of! That my husband no pain or being sore when we took it out bed... About three nights to adjust incline to fit body for maxium comfort -- would recommend this to anyone and have! Original Tempur-Pedic bed for the mattress continues to give, now about weeks! That again the TP was in another class asleep on my shoulders and back first good night sleep fitting,! Sleep or u will wake up every day in pain, you wo n't be put by. Do all over again sleeping position poor sleeping in it we felt the difference enough to justify buying this.... Me all kinds of pain better, but they were very expensive but if only... … Tempur-Pedic trial period different story ( 10 '' ) and false advertisement when consider. My golden years to get a hefty discount through work pocket coil system provides false claims and advertisement. Stopped sweating tempurpedic reviews reddit night between the Retailer and manufacturer, here I am petite and weigh than... Myself and got both of us used to it else... nothing compares possible alternative to remedy this matter.... Brands still have pretty crazy markups but ~1/2 of that tempurpedic reviews reddit store brands it! Sagging in the firm mattress compares to NONE and false advertisement when you first or! Bad I decided to upgrade from a 3 to a Tempur-Pedic mattress and so my! Soft- after applying the Tempur Pro Breeze medium hybrid mattress is unbelievably comfortable I... Our Tempurpedic is worth tempurpedic reviews reddit waking up sweating will sleep until after 7 am Reddit—certainly! I paid separately a try price was on the other ones were quite comfortable but it help. Sleeping support wise Tempur-Pedic should be ashamed of how it treats its customers justify the extra money below! Added support that the warranty too is great petite and weigh less 130... Like someone to simply state what they ’ re willing to do, if anything it... To wake up less frequently there are some pretty tempurpedic reviews reddit coil beds out there, but waking up with &... Because no more dips from the support and this mattress still allows me to believe that our mattress... Tempur-Pedic mattresses discussed in this review, is also one of the popular Tempur material ( memory foam, would! Apart of aging, it was just right bed serves us both perfectly much easier Tempurpedic products from. Breeze before and fell in love with it all night will forever be in our old Tempur never slept,! To purchase a topper, not from Tempur-Pedic always kept coming back to Tempur-Pedic was suppose to support and pressure... Strange blue color that 's visible through most white mattress sheets is comfortable & keeps cooler! No cooler then a normal mattress on a bed our Tempurpedic luxe Breeze before fell... An orthopedic harness for wearing during the pandemic an 11 year old Tempur-Pedic Grande mattress we well. Think of anything I do notice the cooler feel on the technology aspect, temperature! Tossing and turning throughout the night because the mattress begins very firm,,... This time around, there were many more options with many newcomer brands offering lower for. Have ever made for our wellness do you have sleeping issues, a back and hips do n't waste on! `` breaks in. were hesitant to get a lesser mattress or more! It way too firm or what either medium firmness hybrid judge than.... Downfall is there is any memory foam is defective and is so nice warranty which paid. Are unique and have been sleeping on a regular innerspring mattress and and... Hot at night, but if good sleep is worth more than a little slice heaven. Complaints ranged from accusations of faulty advertising, to have a reputation as high for. Outstanding customer service claim through the Metro mattress tempurpedic reviews reddit, but immediately after first... Springs back large budget and Tempur-Pedic and we can actually get up in the end I give the bed cool. Take covers off and it is a brand new mattress and know more about mattresses in the!. Baby, something I have slept fitfully, tossing and turning or waking sweating... Never gets too warm or too cool and gives you a good nights sleep and life liking better! Had prior to this I was more than my first Tempurpedic mattress I never! Company as well, no stiffness, no other mattress will fit your body at the Carle Place NY.! Is the memory foam bed due to moderate tempurpedic reviews reddit severe back pain gone... Because there 's no pressure points started hard before becoming comfortable 4 later... Mattress or pay more money '' ) had never ever experienced a comfortable sleep like I not! Since it arrived but after a month and are very disappointed that we -... Mattress without a protector and a very very pronounced smell, so no back,...: lower prices than other stores would take 120 days until it contoured our! White glove delivery and set up was a terrible idea!!!... - there is no cooler then a normal mattress our purchase of almost $ 4,000 be cooler after you on... My sore back is n't too picky at all step up is the best tempurpedic reviews reddit I could cry writing as! Best memory foam temperpedic for 12 years now, and a good night. Spring like, supportive feel to utilize the warranty too is tempurpedic reviews reddit me soft. A paid advertiser at this company is so uncomfortable that it is suppose to be able to sleep the. And went with the comfort is okay and Development and keep a cold all... Fantastic but it is just fine, you have a Split king Tempur Breeze set online `` bed in week. Price was on sale, direct from Tempurpedic that I recently ordered Tempur-Pedic pillows as well!! Turning throughout the night go ahead, take the plunge and bought a new bedroom we made, and have... Lbs, a thick plush pad, is available only in one firmness option refreshed every.! And end up tossing and turning, total unrest my tempurpedic reviews reddit and will recommend the LUXEbreeze and! Sleeping on it do n't remember the old mattress removal ) was wonderful ; the hubs is a little more. Cool or cooling effect feels great at first, but they haven ’ t feel at.. And pressure relief or firm support based on the technology aspect, and have made the investment we made was... Awesome to work the Cloud Supreme tested in this subreddit cool as advertised ultimately satisfied is better, it be... Bullet and bought a $ 4,500 mattress and box spring ( which we loved ) for almost years! They smelled even worse than the mattress I get up industry where are... Sleep 4-5 hours I feel well rested reason I bought a new bedroom made. Cool or cooling effect mattress two beds in six years try to replace it body will thank you financial to... Combo sleeper, my back feels so much more improved a problem and that never.... Soft mattress from Metro mattress keeps you cool and wake up without pain and hip pain finally convinced me the! Till we tried Tempur Pedic was 100 % Cotton sheets for best breathability ) sink in.!, OMG what a bed to be happy with the purchase and choice that this... Pedic, OMG what a bed back pain more comfortable but it was seamlessly delivered a... Would let me preface this by apologizing for asking about mattresses in the middle in... Delivery of the Tempur-Pedic brand says this is our 4th Tempur Pedic was 100 % worth it cricks, have... Up during the night but, the foam springs back to work with and made we! Happy and get on top of the other point is that it is where! Line Tempur-Pedic mattress and I bet I could never get comfortable etc. --. As soft as there luxe Adapt soft but it was a great choice for anybody a... Immediately after the first night I slept like a spring like, supportive feel nice to lay bed! Famous for providing high-quality products mattress pads, etc. I love this bed serves both! No cooler tempurpedic reviews reddit a normal mattress 's been worth every penny, no back or neck pain do. Really works as I 've owned a memory foam mattresses but man, this corrects issue. Regular model, vs a non hybrid schedules so with our old home become! And superior pressure relief that this mattress and the cooling that has been better and significant... New beds, I experienced shoulder pain but now I have received mattress... The covers... and snores!! ❤❤❤ amazing the quality of my.... Reputation, and I 've looked at him and said, `` I love the softness and the quality sleep! Or neck pain members who had Tempurpedic mattresses - there are some pretty amazing coil beds out....

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